Government reviews passports of Aussie citizens fighting in Syria

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It comes after news a former Australian soldier was killed while fighting with rebels in Syria.


Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert says Sydney combat engineer, Caner Temel served in the army for 17 months before going absent without leave in September 2010, and being discharged a month later.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison signalled in January that the government could seek to remove the Australian citizenship rights of dual nationals fighting in Syria.

Minister Julie Bishop told parliament today that the federal government will be following through on cancelling citizenship rights for Australian citizens who travel to Syria to fight in the conflict.

“We do remain deeply concerned for the safety of Australians in Syria and the security situation is extremely dangerous with ongoing military conflict, kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

“We will continue to review the cancellation of passports to prevent breaches of the arms embargo. Foreign ministers, current and former, have exercised their discretionary power under the Australian passports act to cancel passports.”

She also said the government was concerned about Australian citizens who decide to return to Australia after being ‘radicalised’ during their time fighting in Syria.

“We are concerned about the radicalisation of Australians as a result of the Syrian conflict, particularly those who travel to Syria and return to Australia with capabilities acquired through fighting or training with extremist groups.”

Australia has put in place an arms embargo and those who travel to fight in Syria are breaking the law.

It is also illegal for Australians to fund, train or recruit others to fight, or supply weapons to either side of the war.

The Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are listed by the Australian government as terrorist organisations.

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