Maguire cautions on more concussion change

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South Sydney coach Michael Maguire says the NRL should let the dust settle on the new concussion rules before making further changes, including introducing an 18th man.


The Rugby League Players Association on Wednesday backed moves for the introduction of an 18th man to prevent teams from being disadvantaged if they lose a player to a concussion caused by foul play.

It is an idea that has been floated before but Maguire said teams need to become acquainted with the new rules first before they evolved further.

“There are some teething problems with the new rules, in terms of understanding what is and what isn’t OK, it is going to get better, it is a good thing for the safety of players,” Maguire said on Wednesday.

“It is just getting the understanding of when you can take them off and when you can get them back out there. It is going to get better in time.

“There is a lot of scrutiny about what is going on and the game is always looking to make sure it is getting better and the doctors have to keep making decisions.

“We have to make sure they are the right ones.

“At the moment the way the system is going let’s leave it and see how it goes.

“If we think there is value in having the 18th man down the track, yes but we have made a number of changes now.

“Let’s just sit tight and see how they go at the moment and see where it takes us rather than jumping straight away we need to assess over a better period of time and see where it is working

Maguire said an 18th man could possibly be exploited.

“I’m sure there is (that possibility) but at the end of the day it comes back to how the game polices that and the clubs themselves how they go about that,” he said.

“The rules are the way they are and now we just have to make sure we are looking after our players.”

The NRL’s chief medical officer Ron Muratore says he is happy with the implementation of the concussion rules so far this season.

“We needed to make changes to the idea that it was part of the game to stay on,” he said

“It is an important step forward.”

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