Son jailed for Victorian farm murders

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A Victorian man who shot dead his father and uncle without explanation has been jailed for 34 years for a crime seemingly without motive.


Ross James Streeter, 31, murdered his father Doug and uncle John Streeter at their sheep farm in Natte Yallock in March last year.

Both men, aged in their 60s, were found by Streeter’s mother.

Despite pleading guilty, Streeter said he could not remember his crime.

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry described the case as extraordinary, with no motive nor explanation for the double killing.

“Your actions are entirely unexplained by you,” he told Streeter.

“In many senses, the horror of your crimes lies in the lack of motivation.”

Streeter, of Bendigo, stood emotionless as he was jailed for 34 years with a minimum 25 years on Wednesday.

Two psychiatrists failed to find Streeter was suffering any mental illness.

He told one he was “massively” perplexed about the killings and it was not for any financial gain.

The court heard Streeter was close to his father, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease which had been expected to take his life.

His relationship with his uncle was more difficult but it was never violent and no one was ever concerned about it.

He was also set to share in one third of the farm with his father and uncle, without having to pay anything.

Justice Lasry was dubious about Streeter’s claimed memory loss, describing his actions as deliberate, calculated and premeditated.

He said Streeter brought in a farmhand on the day of the killings to establish an alibi for himself.

Streeter told the farmhand he had “bopped” his uncle and not to tell anyone, giving him a version of events to tell police and offering him $20,000.

Streeter tried to hide his involvement for two days following the killings, initially lying to police.

He then made a serious attempt on his own life and admitted to another uncle he was behind the murders.

Justice Lasry said although Streeter maintained he could not remember the crimes, he had accepted responsibility and felt remorse.

The judge said the events were a tragedy for him, his family and even the rural town in which they live.

“There is an air of desperate disbelief that you could have done what you did,” he said.

“The effect of what you’ve done will be lifelong not only for you but for them.”

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